Complete, Automated Time Management Solution

  Timex® is an intuitive web-enabled timecard solution that allows you to reduce costs associated with time and attendance by completely automating time record keeping. It can help your global organization control costs and time worked, consolidate timecard information and adhere to organizational time management rules. It offers the workforce a simplified way to submit, review, track and approve timecards. Employees, line managers, authorized delegates or administrators can submit timecards, and supervisors, managers and/or administrators can review the approval status online. Timecards can be approved automatically or routed for approval using inbuilt approval workflow. Timex® is integrated with PayrollSeven payroll system for time recording and overtime calculation. It can be integrated with any third party application for inbound and outbound transactions. Timex® can archive past timecard data to defined tables allowing for long-term retention of timecards based on business requirements. Archived timecard data can also be restored and viewed and/or modified by the user, manager or administrator.
Flexible Work Schedules:
Timex® system allows admin to define multiple working schedules as client requirements. It also allows Flexi timings where employees have a flexible working schedules defined as long as they cover the full work schedule is covered. The system also allows and handles works schedules that cover a two calendar days shifts for example.
Shifts Administration:
Timex® enables shift administrators to enter daily shifts information and assign shift employees on different work schedules such as ex: Night, Day. Shift administrators can also define off days and reliefs for employees. Security can be applied to different shift administrators to handle shifts for employees based on operations, business units, locations etc.
Payroll and Absence Management Integration:
Timex® is configured with payroll to handle any penalties or deductions as per client rules. It also can be used to calculate the payroll salary for employees who are paid based on Time and Attendance basis. Absence Management is another system that Timex® is configured to integrate with to pick up employee leaves, permissions, missions, etc.
T&A Reader Machines Integration:
Timex® system can be integrated to any type of T&A reader machines (biometric, card, etc) in order to automate the whole process of capturing the T&A attendance, analyze against the rules and absences and then process the results of the T&A.
Timex® system provides a handful of predefined T&A reports that can help user to view, analyze the organization employees’ T&A data. Custom reports can also be easily built as per client requirements.