Oracle EBS to Cloud - Historical Data Migration
  • These services will help you investigate, justify, design, plan, and implement a solution
  • Assist with reducing risk around the migration of one of your business’s biggest assets
  • Provide flexibility and choice so you can create a solution based on your unique requirements
  • Easy reporting process to generate historical reports at any given time.
Businesses either lose invaluable historical data or spend millions to convert it while switching over business systems. Yet up to 80% of the new systems fails to meet the expectation because flaws in the migration process result in data that is not adequately validated for the intended task.
Accurate data is the raw material that maximizes the value of enterprise applications. However, when existing data is migrated to a new target application, it can become apparent that it contains inaccuracies, unknowns, and redundant and duplicate material. And although the data in the source system may be perfectly adequate for its current use, it may be wholly inadequate, in terms of content and structure, for the objectives of the target system.
Without a sufficient understanding of both source and target, transferring data into a more sophisticated application will amplify the negative impact of any incorrect or irrelevant data, perpetuate any hidden legacy problems, and increase exposure to risk. This is where our solution add value. Our solutions is capable of directly migrating the data from Oracle E-Business suite HCM module to Oracle Fusion HCM module and to our PayrollSeven application. This will mitigate all risks that are associated with the historical data migration.
Based on the target system data format, source data from E-Business suite will be extracted, transformed and loaded into the target system without manual intervention. This process will ensure that the migrated data is useful and add value to organization’s objectives.
PayrollSeven out of the box utility is capable of transforming and migrating HRMS and Payroll data from any third party application as well.
In a broad sense, the following information can be migrated to the cloud environment.
Human Resource
Performance Management
Learning Management